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Luxurious Up market Kennels that boards and accommodate dogs for any length of time.

31 Exclusive Big Heated Units that can house multiple dogs of one family. The Units are spacious and covered with grass. Not cement to ensure our visitors can roam and run freely. Roll and dig (Eish)!!

Computerised Irrigation ensures that no staff has to enter the units unnecessarily.

Spacious Insulated little Cabins with a patio available for all pets to rest and sleep at night. These Units are Water and Fire Proof. The cabins are cleaned and disinfected daily.

Toys are available but please bring as much as you want!! Pets that are able to play within the 20 000 Square meter perimeter will be allowed to come out and chase balls and run around under supervision!

Please bring your pets own bedding and pet beds as it just makes them more at home. However bedding is available for emergencies.

Prices are specific to your individual needs and requirements but please find below some guidelines for your convenience. Prices are per dog per day and includes food. Daily rates stay unchanged should you want to bring your own food.

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For any enquiries, either contact us on 082 729 7807 or complete form below and we will contact you regarding your enquiry.